The Easy Chair Store
Experience - Exceptional Value

Our staff has over 54 years combined experience in the furniture industry making
the Easy Chair Store a definitive authority on furniture products. We thoroughly
understand furniture construction principles, styles, designs, as well as pricing to
product applications. As seating and sleep specialists, customers are carefully
assisted in the selection of a new lift chair, mattress or recliner chair, and questions
are easily answered with accuracy. More so, we really enjoy our work and provide
the special time every customer needs to make a comfortable decision when
buying a new chair or mattress.

At the Easy Chair Store, exceptional value is in place and customers can shop
with confidence knowing brand for brand, item for item, their selection will be a
superior quality product at the lowest price in the trading area. This consumer
shopping need and desire for quality at a lower price is well understood by the
expert staff at the Easy Chair Store and offered every day.

If you prefer the quiet and charm of a store that is family owned, taking pride in
offering a great selection of "Made in USA" chairs and mattresses with quality,
integrity and style, then you'll love the Easy Chair Store. And before you ever visit
our store, we say Thank You today for considering the Easy Chair Store and hope
we see you soon!

The Easy Chair Store
First in Comfort, First in Quality at Lower Prices